Metalo gaminių gamyba


Laser cutting of metal sheets


Dimensions of sheet metal 1500 x 3000 mm
Black metal sheet thickness 0,7 - 30 mm
Galvanised steel sheet torso 0,5 - 20 mm
Stainless steel sheet thickness 0,5 - 20 mm
Aluminium sheet thickness 2 - 15 mm

Laser cutting of metal is an extremely flexible technology. A wide range of materials and thicknesses can be machined without limiting the shape required. Our 12KW laser metal cutting equipment is capable of cutting steel sheets to the customer's specifications with extreme precision. With our laser cutting equipment we can cut any holes and shapes our customers want. Laser cutting of metal is very efficient when cutting complex metal profiles. The technical characteristics of the laser cutting machines are given in the table below.

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