Automatic programming indexing table

IT 2000

Made by Kauno Stakles
Possibility to select various programming steps. The working tact is afoot - driven. Computer programming input similar to DIN 66025. Powered by a step motor. Dislocation "O" of a table is possible in any position. Completed with driving, keyboard, foot and STOP disconnector. Allows using in a horizontal and vertical position. Optional: Tail-stock with a hard center and centering device, magnetic brake. Supplied together with: step motor, driving, keyboard, hand drive control panel with directions and STOP control switchers. Optional: Tailstock, Hard center MK 2, Centering device for the chuck, 3 or 4 dog chuck, Fixing flange for the chuck. Indexing table could be adjustable to the CNC machine and to drive with the M-Function.
Diameter of working surface: 150 mm
Height of horizontal working surface: 90 mm
Vertical height between axes: 100 mm
Transmission: 1 : 90
Clamping of the bars: over 4 T-shape slots of 10 mm
Weight approximately 24 kg

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