CNC Jig-grinding machine

MOD. 32K83SF30

Made by Kauno Stakles
The machine is designed to perform finishing grinding operations on small and medium-sized workpieces of cast iron, steel, hard alloys, non-ferrous metals, etc. when extra high accuracy of finished surfaces and their relative position is required. It is suitable for grinding of cylindrical holes, right and reverses cones, profile grinding of internal and external surfaces. Data input - manual from the keyboard. A possibility of connecting peripheral devices.
Mass of workpiece max, kg 300 (661 lb)
Dimensions of table working surface, mm 560 x 320 (22.5" x 12.6")
Number of T-slots 5
Spacing between T-slots, mm      63 Slot width, mm      12
Table max travel, mm: longitudinal (X)     400 (15.7") cross (Y)     250 (9.8")
Table working feed rate, mm/min 0-6,000 (0-236 in/min)
Table quick feed rate, mm/min 10,000 (397 in/mm)
Coordinate reading discreteness, mm 0.001 (0.00004")
Spindle-head max travel, mm 400 (15.7")
Spindle-head automatic feed rate, mm/min 680 (26.8 in/mm)
Planetary spindle sleeve max travel, mm 120 (4.7")
Planetary spindle radial travel, mm 6 (0.24")
Planetary spindle rotation speed, rpm 4.5-300
Grinding wheel rotation speed, rpm:
      with electric spindle 12,000-96,000
      with pneumatic spindle 100,000-200,000
Holes ground diameter, mm 1-300 (0.004"-11.8")
Cone angle of a taper hole ground max, deg 16
Longitudinal automatic feed rate, mm/min, up to 6000 (236 in/min)
Installed power of electric motors, kW 4,8
Floor space occupied by machine with associated equipment, sq m 9 (97 sq ft)
Overall dimensions, mm 1810 x 1680 x 3160 (71.3"x66 "x124.4")
Mass (less associated equipment), kg 2800 (6167 lb)

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