Desk-top multioperational machine

MOD. D-23

Made by Kauno Stakles
The machine is designed for milling, drilling, turning and boring of metal workpieces having mass up to 10 kg.
Table max travel, mm:
      longitudinal (X) 160 (6.5")
      cross (Y) 250 (9.8")
Spindle max travel, mm 60 (2.4")
Spindle-head max travel, mm 330 (13.0")
Spindle-head slew, deg 0-90
Drilled max diameter, mm 14 (0.6")
Bore max diameter, mm 50 (2")
Turning max diameter and length, mm 95 and 260 (3.7" and 10.2")
Spindle rotation speed, rpm 333-500-1000-3000
Number of speeds 8
Spindle taper Morze 2
Accuracy of coordinates setting, mm 0.01 (0.0004")
Power, kW 0.55
Overall dimensions (WxHxL), mm 620x1120x1120 (24.4"x44.09"x44.09")
Mass, kg 205

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