Step motor drive CNC – Lathe and Milling Machine


Made by Kauno Stakles
CNC program enter according to DIN 66025.
      X - 390; Y - 200; Z - 300 on milling
      Z - 320; Y - 100 on turning
All axes are supplied by roller guide ways and ball screws with diameter 20 mm.
Technical data:
X movement 390 mm
Y movement 200 mm
Z movement 300 mm
Fixing of raw material: 3 T-shape slots 10 mm
Tool clamping: HSK 32; SK 30 (by hand)
Weight: 480 kg
Base: welded body-frame
Column: cast iron GG 25
Sledge: cast iron GG 25
Tail-stock: cast iron GG 25
Guide ways: rolling
Screws: ball screws 20 x 5

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