Desk-top Drilling and Drilling – Milling Machines

MOD. D-12 and D-13

Made by Kauno Stakles
The machine mod. D-12 is designed for drilling in steel, cast iron, plastics, wood, etc; the machine mod. D-13 can be used for milling as well and is completed with a compound table and collet chuck with a set of collets for clamping of mills.
Table-to-drill chuck max distance, mm 280 (11")
Spindle max travel, mm 65 (2.6")
Drilled max diameter, mm 10 (0.4")
Mill max diameter, mm 5 (0.2")
Spindle rotation speed, rpm 750; 1500; 3000
Power, kW 0.4
Overall dimensions (WxHxL), mm 250x510x580 (9.8"x20.1"x22.8")
Mass, kg 45 (100 lb)

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