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not just manufacturing company we are the best and largest machining tools manufacturers in the center of Europe with more than 70 years of experience in metalworking technology and machining tools. We supply equipment, products to many large companies, producers. We offer a wide range of metal and other materials processing opportunities from large-scale machining and manufacturing to fine-tuning and complex construction.
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and organizational structure of the company
History and organizational structure of the company
The beginning of the company reaches back as far as 1955, when a small repair - shop of agricultural mechanisms began its activity, and which has grown up to what today is widely known around the world as a Joint-stock company "Kauno stakles", Kaunas, Lithuania. It is 100% private Lithuanian capital company.

For contact with the foreign companies responsible managing director (German-speaking countries) and commercial director (English speaking countries). The same persons responsible for international cooperation projects. The company has some cooperation with other Lithuanian companies.
Current line of business
Joint-stock company Kauno stakles has over 60 years of experience in machining of precise metal parts, final assembly separate units, with measuring reports.
Around 15 years ago we started to cooperate with the companies, representing German automobile production industry.
Especially we have been involved in the production of manufacturing equipment to those German companies.
Current line of business
of markets and customers
Details of markets and customers
For the products developed by our technicians, we are looking for markets mainly by our selves.
For the products that have been developed by a customer, we are as subcontractors. But there could be some exceptions. It depends on the exact customer.

Our main markets are: West Europe, North Europe, East Europe.
Production facilities / technology and workflow.
All main information attached in the identification of the company. The age of technological equipment is between 10+15 years on average (see the list of main machines and technical equipment).
Production facilities / technology and workflow.
Access to raw materials
Access to raw materials
We use a different kind of steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, brass, other metals, and alloys. Materials and commercial components that we use are as follows: electrical motors, wires and cables, paints, electrical components, tools, hydraulic units, lubricants, fuel, wood, fittings, etc.
Metals and materials usually we buy from Lithuanian or European suppliers.
Existing international experience / co-operation
Our customers are:
  • Thyssen Krupp
  • Continental
  • Dürr
  • Heinz and Field
  • Atek
  • ITWH
  • New Metric
  • Vormatec
We receive technical drawings from companies mentioned above and then making necessary parts. We are metal parts makers, painters, assemblers of high-quality equipment. If necessary we'll make needed measuring reports.
Existing international experience / co-operation
Expected role in the partnership with customers
Expected role in the partnership with customers
Total export share is 90% of turnover.

Always we have following main goals when we enter into partnership:
  • To start cooperation with the agreements or contracts for a possible longer time;
  • To produce parts, units, and finished products in good quality;
  • To our partner represent facilities, technological possibilities;
  • To create joint venture if possible;
Additional comments / information received
As was mentioned before we are able to communicate in English and German language. We are able to receive and make technical drawings with AutoCAD. We use Master CAM system.
Additional comments / information received
Organization and competences
Organization and competences
I'm happy having this opportunity to introduce to you a Lithuanian Company which for many years now has been specializing in the manufacturing of metal-working machines of extremely high accuracy.

The beginning of the Company reaches back as far as 1945, when a small repair-shop of agricultural mechanisms began its activity, and which has grown up to what today is widely known around the world as JSC KAUNO STAKLES, Lithuania.

In this booklet, you'll find essential information about our production, our technical capability and our partners of cooperation abroad.

One of our most important goals is to offer our customers a chance to solve their technical problems. And we always feel very happy and proud when they choose us. On the other hand, we wouldn't be able to help them without meeting their requirements and satisfying them. So the quality of the Company's products is the central point of our efforts. As the result, some of our machines had already been certified by Europe Union certificates "CP. The rest of our production is being produced according to European standards. The specifications of our machines, I am sure, speak for themselves.

The Company KAUNO STAKLES maintains cooperative relations with many counterparts and business associates in Europe and elsewhere in the world: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Holland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Egypt, India, China, Turkey.

We look forward to receiving your orders, and you will discover a unique business opportunity and reliable partner in JSC KAUNO STAKLES.

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