mod. 4K7722AF1
mod. 32KM83SF10
mod. 32K83SF30
mod. D-25
mod. D-12, D-13
mod. D-23
mod. IT 2000
mod. CNC-D
mod. IT 150
IT 2000
Possibility to select various programming steps.
The working tact is foot - driven.
Computer programming input similar to DIN 66025.
Powered by step motor.
Dislocation "O" of table is possible in any position.
Completed with driving, key board, foot and STOP disconnector.
Allows to use in horizontal and vertical position.

Optional: Tail-stock with hard center and centering device, magnetic brake.

Technical data:
Diameter of working surface: 150 mm
Height of horizontal working surface: 90 mm
Vertical height between axes: 100 mm
Transmission: 1 : 90
Clamping of the bars: over 4 T-shape slots of 10 mm
Weight approximately 24 kg

   Supplied together with: step motor, driving, key board, hand drive control panel with directions and STOP control switchers.
   Optional: Tail stock, Hard center MK 2, Centering device for the chuck, 3 or 4 dog chuck, Fixing flange for the chuck.
   Indexing table could be adjustable to the CNC machine and to drive with the M-Function.