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mod. 32KM83SF10
mod. 32K83SF30
mod. D-25
mod. D-12, D-13
mod. D-23
mod. IT 2000
mod. CNC-D
mod. IT 150
Indexing table IT 150
Simply top
For handicrafts, experiments, repair shops, hobby, etc.

    The Transmission is 1 : 90 and permit to fulfill any operations with the table. Accuracy of divisions 1 minute.
    New. Direct division through 24 holes. It is possible to make accurate direct divisions 2-3-4-6-8-12 and 24 without worm-gear-driven. The brake lever rigidly fix the table for the reason of heavy milling works.
    The wheel with scale is possible easy change to the division discs with scissors. In that case is very easy to make complicated divisions for machining of gear wheels. Long bars for machining is possible to fix by tail-stock.

Technical data:
Working surface diameter: 150 mm
Horizontal height of working surface: 100 mm
Vertical height of centers: 100 mm
Transmission: 1 : 90
Accuracy of scale 9 divisions 0: 1 minute
Fixing: 4 x T-shape slots 10 mm
Direct division: 24 hales each 15 minutes
Division discs:  
    No. 1 26/28/30/32/34/37/38/39/41/43/44/46/47/49/51/53/57/59
    No. 2 61/63/67/69/71/73/77/79
    No. 3 81/82/87/89/91/93/97/99
Weight: 20.1 kg
Tail-stock: 100 mm matched up; 100 mm +- 0.01
Hole: MK 2
Complete set: table with tail-stock, strong center MK 2 centering accessory for turning chuck, three division discs.
Optional accessory: 4 dogchuck with fixing flange.