mod. 4K7722AF1

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MOD. 4K7722AF1
        Electro - discharge jig-copying-broching machine of very high coordinates reading accuracy, with numerical and adaptive control, is designed for machining thought and blind holes of any configuration in dies, metal moulds and compression moulds made of any electrical conductive materials, hardened steel and hard alloys included, by a method of electro-discharge copying-broaching. Machining is possible with a fixed electrode as well as with an orbitally moving or a rotating electrode-tool along X and Y axes.
    The pump unit for supplying the machine table bath with dielectric liquid is equipped with replaceable filters (filtering fineness 0.01 mm) and a temperature control device.

Table working surface dimensions (LxW), mm 560 x 320 (22" x 12.6 ")
T-slots width, mm 12
Table travel, mm:  
    longitudinal (X) 400 (15.7")
    cross (Y) 250 (9.8")
Quill axis overhang, mm 400 (15.7")
Quill end-to-table working surface max distance, mm 690 (27.2")
Coordinates setting accuracy, mm 0.005 (0.0002")
Mass of workpiece max, kg 500 (926 lb)
Table bath internal dimensions (LxW), mm 510 x 735 (20.1" x 28.9")
Output on hardened steel max, mm3/min 50015% (30.5 cu in/min 15%)
Machined surface roughness, mm:  
    on hardened steel 0.0025-0.00125 (0.0001"-0.00005")
    on hard alloy 0.00125-0.00063 (0.0001"-0.000025")
Overall dimensions, mm 1630 x 1590 x 2510 (64.2" x 62.6" x 98.8")
Mass, kg 2800 (6222 lb)