mod. 4K7722AF1
mod. 32KM83SF10
mod. 32K83SF30
mod. D-25
mod. D-12, D-13
mod. D-23
mod. IT 2000
mod. CNC-D
mod. IT 150
mod. D-25
    The machine is designed for marking of templets, milling with cotter mills, gear-tooth endmills, sidemills, threading, drilling, turning, reaming and boring of metal workpieces having mass up to 50 kg. A cantable rotary indexing 250 mm table may be delivered with the machine in addition to the regular set of accessories and tools and DRO.

Table max travel, mm:  
      longitudinal(X) 300 (11.8"x7.9)
      cross(Y) 200 (7.9")
Spindle max travel, mm 100 (3.9")
Spindle-head slew, deg 45
Drilled max diameter, mm 20 (0.8")
Bore max diameter, mm 150 (5.9")
Tap max diameter, mm M12.
Spindle rotation speed, rpm 100-1450
Number of speeds 6
Overall dimensions (WxHxL), mm 1020x1015x1280 (40.2"x40"x50.4")
Mass, kg 350 (777 lb)