mod. 4K7722AF1
mod. 32KM83SF10
mod. 32K83SF30
mod. D-25
mod. D-12, D-13
mod. D-23
mod. IT 2000
mod. CNC-D
mod. IT 150
MOD. 32KM83SF10
        The grinder with a digital system of coordinate reading is designed for finish grinding of small and medium sized workpieces when extreme accuracy of finished holes and their relative position is required. Holes (cylindrical and tapered), right and reverse cones, sectors, grooves can be ground on the grinder, linear and angle dimensions can be checked up as well as centre-to-centre distances of the ground works of cast iron, steel and hard alloy.
    Numerous accessories and tools are delivered with the grinder that widen its technological capacities.
    Normal operation accuracy are ensured at 20+-1C ambient temperature and max 55% relative humidity.
Dimensions of table working surface, mm 560 x 320 (22.5" x 12.6 ")
Table max travel, mm:  
    longitudinal (X) 400 (15.8")
    cross (Y) 250 (9.8")
Table longitudinal and cross working feed rate, mm/min 1-1200 (0,04-47.2 in/min)
Table quick feed rate, mm/min 2,000 (78.7 in/min)
Electric spindle nose-to-table working surface distance, mm 0-520 (0-20.5")
Planetary spindle max travel, mm 120 (4.7")
Spindle head max travel, mm 400 (15.8")
Grinding wheel rotation speed, rpm:  
    with electric spindle 4,500-96,000
    with pneumatic spindle (optional) 100,000-180,000
Holes ground diameter, mm 1-300 (0.04"-11.8")
Cone angle of taper hole ground max, deg 16
Coordinate reading discreteness, mm 0.001 (0.00004")
Coordinate setting accuracy, mm 0.002 (0.00008")
Installed power of electric motors, kW 4,8
Overall dimensions, mm 1810 x 1590 x 3160 (71.3" x 62.6" x 124.4")
Mass (less associated equipment), kg 2800 (6167 lb)